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Oliver (Boost Reaper Bio)

Name: Oliver

Car: 2021 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium

IG Handle: @Jinsoku_Supra @Jinsoku_Supra

Sponsors: Titan Motorsports, Full-Race Motorsports, Rotora Inc., Blacklist Motorsports, RD Conceptz, Anywhere Wraps, NVSpecialties, SK Forged, Grinds USA, RevMatch Clothing Co., End of The Road Clothing Co.

What got me into cars?

I remember sitting in-front of my friend’s house, going through the latest Super Street Magazine and looking this amazing blue bugeye WRX. I told myself I would do anything for a cool car like that. I have always been into cars since I could remember. I used to love playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero on PlayStation 2, customizing these JDM legends fantasizing owning all those cars. Fast Forward to high school and F&F blowing up the car scene, put the car modification scene on the map. I remember looking out the window during work over toward the Gratigny Parkway watching them film 2 Fast 2 Furious where the Evo and the Eclipse are getting chased on the highway. Fast Forward three years after high school and I purchased my first car 2007 WRX STI. Taking bits of knowledge from all the greats in the scene ex: Rj De Vera, Smokey Nagata, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Daigo Saito and may more; I have been modifying cars one after the other for years, which finally lands me with the Supra. I have always wanted to own a Supra. I had been given an offer to drive off with the new Supra and I could not say no. Yes, I know, it’s a BMW but I tell you, it is a fun car to drive and a neck breaker. This Supra project of mine has been a process. I always look for quality over quantity and so far, it has been another day in paradise.



Titan Motorsports custom built short block with billet Main Caps

Titan Motorsports custom built Head CNC Port and Polish

FULL-RACE A90 Top Mount Turbo Kit w/ 6 Port Exhaust Manifold

Precision 6870 Twin scrolled w/ T51r Mod

Tial MVR 44mm x2 External Waste Gates w/ Full-Race Heat Blankets

Tial Q Blow Off Valve

Titan Motor Sports x Radium Supplemental Complete Fuel System w/ Stage 2 Fuel LPFP

CSF Competition Aux Radiators

CSF High Performance Heat Exchanger

CSF High Performance Transmission Cooler

CSF Billet Intake Manifold

Titan Motor Sports Methanol Injection Kit w/ mounting bracket

Titan Motor Sports Engine Damper

ID 1300cc Injectors

FT450 Controller w/ Harness

NGK One Step Colder Spark Plugs

Rexpeed Ignition Coil Packs

Radium Oil Catch Can

Titan Motor Sports Full Ti Valved Exhaust System

Visconti Flex Fuel Kit w/ Gauge

ATI Flex Plate

ATI Crank Adapter

HKS Fine Tune V-Belt Timing Belt

P2uned Billet Water Neck

Ecutek Programming Kit (Tuned by Titan Motorsports)


Titan Motorsports Custom Built Transmission Stage 2.5

Grinds USA Complete Air Suspension w/ 4gal seamless tank and x2 low noise compressors

SPL Caster/Tension/Trailing Rod Spherical Bushings – Adjustable

SPL Titanium Series Front Lower Control Arms

SPL Titanium Series Rear Toe Arms with EL Kit

SPL Titanium Series Rear Lower Traction Arms

SPL Titanium Series Upper Link

SPL PRO Front End Links

SPL PRO Rear End Links

Titan Motorsports X Drive Shaft Shop Upgraded Drive Axles

Twisted Tuning Kevlar Infused Polyurethane Transmission Mounts

Twisted Tuning Engine Mounts

ROTORA Big Brake Kit (8 Piston Front / 4 Piston Rear) in Metallic Dark Blue

ROTORA 15in Airfoil Slotted Rotors

Cusco Front Power Brace

Cusco Front Sway Bar

Cusco Rear Sway Bar

Cusco Rear Power Brace

Cusco Tow Hook (Front/Rear)

Verus Rear Diff Cooling Plate

Verus Master Cylinder Brace

Titan Motorsports Roll Cage in LP Blue

Titan Motorsports X Drive Shaft Shop Upgraded Chromoly Drive Shaft

Titan Motorsports Driveshaft Loops


SK Forged GT-2 2pc 19x10 F / 18x11 R (Drag Setup)

Work Emotion CR2P 20x10 F / 20x11 R (Show Setup)

Falken Azenis FK510 265/30ZR-20 F / 285/30ZR-20 (Show)

Toyo Tires Proxes R888R 265/35ZR-19 / 305/35ZR-18 (Drag)


Rexpeed Heated Anti-Fog Polarized Blue Mirrors w/ Blind Sensor

Rexpeed Carbon Cluster Switch Panel Badge

Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Dashboard strip

Rexpeed Carbon Steering Wheel Badge

Rexpeed Gloss Anti Buffeting Wind Deflectors

Speed Industry F1 Style 4th Brake Light

Verus Cooling Cap

Verus Oil Cap

Verus Heat Exchanger Cap

Verus Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap

Autotecknic M-Style Gloss Side-Mirror Caps

Unleashed Customs Carbon Steering Wheel w/ LED Display and Blue Stitching

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Engine Cover

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon ECU Cover

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Radiator Cover

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Dash Speaker Surround Cover

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Armrest Cubby

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Vents L & R Side

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon HUD Display

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Media Player Surround Cover

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Steering Wheel Upper and Lower

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon Dash Panel for Left Side

NV Specialties Gloss Carbon A-Pillars

OLM LE Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover

OLM LE Carbon Upper Speedometer Cluster Cover

OLM LE Carbon Lower Speedometer Cluster Cover

OLM LE Carbon Interior Door Trim Cover L & R

OLM LE Carbon Door Sill Cover L & R

OLM LE Carbon Door Switch Panel Cover L & R

OLM LE Carbon Door Lock Panel Cover L & R

OLM LE Carbon Hood Dampers

OneUp Lighting for Interior, Exterior and Engine Bay

TI Burnt Dress Up Bolts Kit stage 2

Bride Euroster II x2 Black

Yoshio Factory 4-point Harness x2 Pink

Liberty Walk Bonnet Hood

EVS Tuning Front Fenders

Ings+1 N-Spec 3pc Aero Kit

Ings+1 Carbon Fiber Z-Power Wing (Double blade/1500mm)

Exotic Customs 500 LED Starlight Headliner Kit

Custom Livery Wrap

Custom Carbon Emblems Pink/Carbon (Front, Rear, GR, Supra, Engine Cover)

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